We're in "Ludicrous" Mode; Get Help Staying on Course

Updated: Jul 16

Yes, the pace of change has been quickening for utilities, but “quick” recently shifted into Tesla’s version of “Ludicrous Mode” when the pandemic of 2020 took hold. No one has a crystal ball, but we think we've got something better.

Listen in on a 60-minute live, video roundtable discussion with renowned futurists and problem solvers, ask them questions, and explore for other opportunities to get valuable business planning information.


  • EJ Schuck, Director of Revenue Management, Duquesne Light

  • Bashir Bseirani, CEO, Avertra

  • Jason Rodriguez, CEO, Zpryme

  • Chris Moyer, Director of Research, Zpryme


  • Vanessa Edmonds, Board Chair, Utility 2030 Collaborative & Founder, Appos Advisors


Pandemic’s Long-term Impact on the Evolution of Utilities

What has changed, why, and what are your immediate next actions?

Economic Recovery Period

How will it play out and how long will it last?

Changing Working Models

What is the future of remote workers and how can utilities prepare?

Changing Face of Digital Transformation

How are transformation priorities changing and what systems and third-party support should be on your radar?

Future of Crisis Planning & Management

What have we learned during the pandemic and what do we do with the information?

New Departments & Subsidiaries

What investments should you make in new, critical-to-your-future functions?



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