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January 7, 2020, New York, NY—Energy Marketing Conferences, the country’s largest producer of events in the competitive energy industry, announced today it is expanding into the regulated utility market with the newly formed, Utility 2030 Collaborative.

Built by utilities for utilities, it is a modern, practical membership-based offering that will provide utility leaders with the resources and professional contacts necessary to build transformation models and roadmaps. Because traditional procurement methods weren’t designed for enterprise-wide digital transformation, the cloud and overall connectedness, it offers a new format for understanding vendor competencies and building long-term relationships.

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Energy Marketing Conferences Announces Utility 2030 Collaborative —Built by Utilities for Utilities 

Partnerships and Connected Technology Vital to Smart City Buildouts

By: The Utility 2030 Collaborative

December 23, 2019


If you ask people to define a smart city, you will learn that it means different things to different people and can vary from city to city and country to country. Regardless of individual definitions, one truth prevails: smart city projects are imperative to utility industry transformation, allowing utility companies to survive and thrive—all while maintaining safety—over the next ten years and beyond.


Two leading enablers of this transformation—across all projects—are partnerships and connected technology with data and analytics serving as a linchpin for technological innovation. Data collection and analysis allows project stakeholders to understand what happened in the past, predict what will happen in the future and explore possible outcomes to answer the question: “What should we do if XYZ happens?” (AKA: descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics).

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Personalization 2.0: Remembering Stan & Tiffany

By Vanessa Edmonds, Chairperson - Utility 2030

December 24, 2019

In April 2018, I wrote an article for Energy Central called, The Day a Man Named Stan Called Me Tiffany: The Importance of Personalization.  I framed the topic with a humorous experience I had at a New York City restaurant that I frequented. The waiter, his name is “Stan”, called me “Tiffany” and since that isn’t my name, I explained how his mistake lowered my tolerance for the average food served in this establishment, specifically the egg rolls. They had an aftertaste that I didn’t really notice until he called me the wrong name.


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