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Built by utility executives for utilities leaders, the Utility 2030 Collaborative is a modern, practical membership-based group that provides utility leaders with the resources and relationships to understand, plan and build the utility of the future.


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  • Understand disruptive forces and position them as opportunities instead of threats

  • Identify long-term vendor partners who can support and de-risk IT transformation projects

  • Replace traditional procurement practices,  methodologies and beliefs with those that support enterprise-wide digital transformation, the Cloud and our connected future


  • Leverage proprietary Utility 2030 Transformation Framework developed by our board

  • Get access to content and opportunities commissioned by our board and members

  • Receive attendance to annual event with hands-on opportunities to build and refine models and roadmaps

Who Should Participate?

The Collaborative is designed for utility leaders—at all levels—who are responsible for helping their companies transform to survive and thrive in the face of disruption.

IOUs, municipalities and cooperatives that offer electricity, natural gas, water and wastewater will have board representation and actionable learning opportunities.

The Collaborative also welcomes vendor sponsors who are committed to thought leadership and long-term supportive partnerships.


Space in the 2020 membership program is limited, so secure your sponsorship (vendors) or register (utilities) today!

Build a Connected Future

  • Participate in conversations that branch out across multiple teams, projects and technologies

  • Understand the importance of connected technologies

  • Yes, it is about cloud, big data, AI and machine learning—but a whole lot more!

Influence Vendor Solutions

  • Gain access to the most knowledgeable and committed vendors and consultants

  • Build long-term relationships that de-risk technology investments

  • Work with vendors to fill in gaps in their products and solutions to support their evolution

Annual Event, Envision U2030

Join the Conversation |  November 17-18  |  Orlando, FL


Our flagship event, themed Envision U2030, will be held in Orlando on November 17-18, 2020. It will provide attendees the introductions, information and resources to understand what’s coming and how to prepare.


Featured Presentations:

  • Build a Transformation Roadmap that will Go the Distance

  • Say “No” to Vanity Projects: Prioritize Efforts Based Disruptors and their Impact on the Business

  • Get Past “Digital” Buzzwords to Build Your Technology Utopia Based on What You Actually Need

  • Build a Workforce that Can Support the Unknown

  • Turn Up the Volume: Hear Your Customer’s Voice—Live--in Moments that Matter


News and Insights

Energy Marketing Conferences Announces Utility 2030 Collaborative —Built by Utilities for Utilities 

January 7, 2020, New York, NY—Energy Marketing Conferences, the country’s largest producer of events in the competitive energy industry, announced today it is expanding into the regulated utility market with the newly formed, Utility 2030 Collaborative.

Built by utilities for utilities, it is a modern, practical membership-based offering that will provide utility leaders with the resources and professional contacts necessary to build transformation models and roadmaps. Because traditional procurement methods weren’t designed for enterprise-wide digital transformation, the cloud and overall connectedness, it offers a new format for understanding vendor competencies and building long-term relationships.

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Meet our Board

Founding Utility Member

Jody Allison

Vice President of Transformation

Algonquin Power and Utilities Group

Founding Utility Member

Nicole Howard

Chief Customer Officer


Founding Utility Member

Frankie McDermott

Chief Energy Delivery Officer


Founding Utility Member

Cecil McMaster

Business Information Officer

NYC Environmental Protection

Founding Utility Member

 James Riley

Digital Analytics Advisor

Sempra Utilities

Founding Utility Member


Vanessa Edmonds


Appos Advisors


Jack Doueck


Energy Marketing Conferences


Advanced Energy Capital


Larry Leikin


Energy Marketing Conferences &



*Nominations are currently being accepted for Founding Utility Members


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Board Contact:

Vanessa Edmonds