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We are a communication and networking group of professionals working together to find solutions to the challenges ahead.​

Led by a board of utility executives and blended utility/vendor advisory committee, we facilitate focused conversations through a variety of channels and disseminate valuable information to aid in planning exercises.

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Why Participate

Build long-term relationships with a diverse ecosystem of electric, gas and water utility professionals passionate about finding solutions to the challenges ahead.


We offer opportunities throughout the year to: 

  • Identify, discuss and prioritize challenges

  • Discuss and research various solutions

  • Brand yourself as utility thought leader and receive coaching to advance your career goals

Opportunities to Connect


Annual Think Tank Summit:

Envision 2030

May 2021, Virtual Platform


Virtual Exhibit Hall

Coming Soon!


Subscribe to the U2030 Executive Insights monthly publication for an announcement about the grand opening of our virtual exhibit hall.


With more than 50 vendors currently building their booths, this will be your one-stop-shop for everything you need to reach your ten year goals and beyond.


Virtual Meetings

You don't need to leave your home office to participate in Utility 2030! Each month we offer opportunities to collaborate on important issues facing your business.

Virtual Roundtable: New Utility Products & Services

Part 1: New Utility Models for Augmenting Shrinking Revenue

On Demand


Part 2: Technology Enablement for Value Added Products & Services

Tuesday, September 29, 2020, 11:00 AM EST



Research Study: Studying an Industry Reimagined

The Utility 2030 Collaborative, in partnership with Zpryme, Appos and Energy Marketing Conferences, is launching an annual research initiative to help the industry understand, plan and adapt to the changes ahead. 

Interested in joining the research committee or sponsoring the study? Email info@utility2030.com to learn more.

Founding Board of Directors

Founding Utility Member

Founding Utility Member

Nicole Howard

Chief Customer Officer


Jody Allison

Vice President of Transformation

Algonquin Power & Utilities Group

Founding Utility Member

Frankie McDermott

Chief Energy Delivery Officer


Founding Utility Member

Cecil McMaster

Business Information Officer

NYC Environmental Protection

Founding Utility Member

 James Riley

Digital Analytics Advisor

Appos Advisors

Founding Utility Member


Vanessa Edmonds

Co-Founder & Board Chair

Utility 2030 Collaborative


Jack Doueck


Utility 2030 Collaborative


Larry Leikin


Utility 2030 Collaborative

Submit a board nomination (self nominations are welcome)

Starting Fall 2020

Annual Research Initiative:  Studying an Industry Reimagined

Utility 2030, in partnership with Zpryme, Appos, Energy Central, and vendor sponsors, is conducting an annual study to better understand the challenges ahead and our path forward.

Learn about participation opportunities and receive research updates by subscribing to our Executive Insights monthly publication.

If you are a utility or vendor interested in sponsoring the research, please email us at requesting our research prospectus info@utility2030.com


Founding Advisory Committee Members

Katy Cook

Director Transformation Customer Operations & Strategy 

Liberty Utilities 

  • LinkedIn

Christina Corcoran

Advisory Committee Chair


Appos Advisors

  • LinkedIn

Tracy Carlson

Director of Community Energy Services 


  • LinkedIn

Brandy Bolden

Director Revenue Services & Operations 



  • LinkedIn

Bashir Bseirani





  • LinkedIn

Theresa Burch

Customer Solutions, Billing & Payment

Puget Sound Energy

  • LinkedIn

RJ Kumar 


Enterprise Solutions Consulting

  • LinkedIn

Chris Moyer 

Sr. Director of Research


  • LinkedIn

EJ Schuck

Director of Revenue Management

Duquesne Light

  • LinkedIn

Audra Drzaga

VP Operations

Energy Central 

  • LinkedIn

Josh Gould

Director of Innovations

Duquesne Light

  • LinkedIn

David Holmes

Director of Transformation Operations Strategy

Liberty Utilities

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Dave Reim



  • LinkedIn

Loyd Rice


Manager Fiber Services

SEMO Elec Co-Op

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Mark Wilkinson

Senior Vice President


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